Increase Developer Productivity with Lain
Lain is an AI plugin for Slack that helps engineers be more productive. Lain monitors your Slack channels and learns from them, helping developers when they have problems whether onboarding or troubleshooting.

How It Works

After creating your account, you will select which Slack channels you want to enable Lain on.

Unintrusive UI

Lain will monitor your Slack channels and if it feels like it can help, it'll raise its hand.

Responsive replies

To speak with Lain about their problem, just click the raised hand and Lain will respond immediately.

Answers tailored to your company

Lain is trained on the entire history of your Slack channels and is always up to date with the latest issues being discussed.


  • Real-time, up-to-date, knowledge of a channel's chat contents.

  • Cross channel context. Lain can access information across different channels.

  • Integrations with Github, Jira, Confluence for expanded knowledge.

  • Up-to-date knowledge of documentation from major languages and frameworks.

  • Intuitive methods of interaction with Lain, from starting to stopping a conversation.

  • Transparent metered pricing with spending limits.

Use Cases

  • Speed up onboarding by letting Lain become a living documentation that evolves naturally with changes.

  • Lain is a priceless teammate during SEVs. We've all had to field the same question over and over after everything crashes, let Lain do the heavy lifting.

  • Use Lain in your Javascript channels so that it can learn exactly the type of problems that your company runs into. Every company has unique problems and Lain is built to learn what makes your problems unique and helps your developers solve them.

Join the Waitlist!

We're not ready for general availability yet, but we're getting close! Join our waitlist and be notified when a beta slot opens up and when we release fully to the public.Beta spots are given first come, first served, with a limited number of spots. Beta users will be given a discount on general release.

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